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Mark T. Evans
poet | musician | activist

Now living in Faro, Portugal, Mark Evans was most recently a resident of Joshua Tree, California (2016 - 2018) and was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1954. He has lived in various cities and towns in California through nomadic, but formative, years - finally settling in Los Angeles from 1963-2007.
Mark was schooled in both San Diego and Los Angeles, culminating in a two-year Liberal Arts curriculum at Los Angeles Harbor Jr. College.
A now retired postal employee, Mark had always been an aspiring writer
of music and lyrics —but found a more expressive niche in poetry.
He is the author of a notable book: Hotel Linen [2015] and has published work in issues #7, #10, and #13 of Cholla Needles Magazine [Joshua Tree, CA];
Askew Poetry Journal, issue #16 [Ventura, CA]; and Lummox Anthologies #5 & #6. 
[Los Angeles, CA]. His new book of poetry is due out on July 01, 2018 entitled The Dogs Behind the Fence.

Excitable Boy - VSQ
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