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Hotel Linen | 2015

Mark's first book of poetry-Hotel Linen-was written in its entirety during a stressful and tumultuous period in his life. A long time Los Angeles resident, he had relocated to Central California to care for his elderly, ailing father.

After his father was placed in a healthcare facility, and the house was sold, Mark continued to live in nearby hotels to oversee his father's care. This disarray and chaos afforded a unique and poignant perspective of life in the doppler effect; saudade, unvarnished empathy, and the limits of precious time.

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Askew Journal | 2015
The poem 'Free' from the book Hotel Linen was included in the Askew Poetry Journal publication #17 

Lummox 7 | 2018


Lummox 5 | 2016

My poem 'One Moment Please' was included in this anthology.


My Poem 'Wherever Federico Garcia Lorca is Buried, it Sure Left A Big Hole' is included in this publication.


Lummox 6 | 2017

My poem 'Falling Off' was included in this anthology.

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