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Animals need to be able to respond to their environment to survive. 
This process of modifying behavior based on experience is called learning.


          DOGS BEHIND

           the FENCE

A New Book of Poems for Humans

From M.T. Evans

@Black Mountain Sunset Books

The first thing a domesticated dog learns is the length of its leash; and soon after, the depth and breadth of its domain.

Something only people who walk their dogs in residential areas know is just how many other dogs are lurking behind the fenced-in front and back yards of their neighbor's homes. The scent and sound of other dogs passing by inevitably incites reactions varying on curiosity, anger, or a desire for connection - especially for dogs who've been left alone outside all day.

The Dogs Behind the Fence
Available for sale on July 01, 2018
Roman RoadDavid Wechsler
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