Review: Hotel Linen | 2015

"Life and its learned lessons | are not about love, Sancho. | They are about time... | sleep | and | dreams. " So writes Mark Evans in his evocative new book, Hotel Linen, in which the speaker is both Sancho, and a modern-day Quixote who knows time is short, and windmills are not giants. The quest, however, is entirely real. There is much to learn in these pages. Don't miss it!
- Marsha de la O
  Editor & Publisher
  Askew Poetry Journal

Hotel Linen is a brilliant, hardscrabble examination of love, lust and life

in all of its magnificent complexity, viewed from the boneyard of experience. Mad, funny, mature and reflective, Mark Evans presents his unvarnished thoughts for scrutiny and encouragement to all who set their feet on the elusive path to enlightenment.


- Stella Pierson

  Editor & Publisher

  Nitty Gritty Little Press

"In order to understand the dark | you have to step out of the light" Mark Evans writes in Hotel Linen. He has journeyed a long way to come to this understanding. He's our traveler, our bard of no-tell motels, dust burning inside their heaters, freedom that comes with being lost, with moving on.
- Phil Taggart
  Editor & Publisher
  Askew Poetry Journal


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